Meet the Team

Program Manager

Gerry Briscoe

Gerry Briscoe directs Project CREATE and PASSAGES, which are both funded by an ANEP grant to provide professional learning around the Alaska Cultural Standards for Educators. Gerry is also the Director of Professional Learning at SERRC and a Senior Associate for the Center on Culturally Proficient Educational Practices.

He directed the development and creation of an evaluation framework for the AK Cultural Standards in a document called: Culture in the Classroom. Gerry’s passion is in sharing the belief that a person must clearly understand one’s own assumptions, beliefs, and values about people and cultures different from one’s self in order to be effective in cross-cultural settings.

His 30+ years in education in Colorado has given him extensive experience as an elementary teacher, principal, and literacy director. His last school in Colorado received the Governor’s Distinguished School Improvement Award and he was a fellow to the Art and Craft of the Principalship at Harvard University. He holds a BA and MA from University of Northern Colorado and Administrative Certificates from Western Washington University and University of Denver. In 2006, he went to work for SERRC and provided technical assistance to AK DEED with the Alaska Comprehensive Center, and was the Alaska liaison to the National Center on Teacher Quality and the National Center on Innovation and Improvement.


Martha Gould-Lehe

Martha Gould-Lehe currently works for SERRC as a cultural specialist in the PASSAGES grant facilitating professional learning around Alaska Cultural Standards for Educators.

Martha was an instrumental voice in the development and creation of Culture in the Classroom, a document describing the evaluation framework of the Alaska Cultural Standards. She is also a Senior Associate for the Center on Culturally Proficient Educational Practices.

Martha has spent the majority of her career (25 years) as a public-school educator. Martha received the BP 2000 Teacher of Excellence Award. She is one of the original founders of the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School in Anchorage. She holds a BA from the University of Alaska and an MA from the University of Kansas.

Martha is also a contributing author to: Earth’s Caretakers: Native American Lessons. Stop Talking: Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning and Difficult Dialogues in Higher Education. Railway of Hope (a suicide awareness and prevention educational video). She has worked for SERRC since 2012.