Project CREATE


What is Project CREATE?

In 2012, SERRC was awarded an Alaska Native Equity Program through the US DOE grant to partner with the Bering Strait School District to find a way to integrate the Alaska Cultural Standards for Educators into teacher evaluation. Within that grant, SERRC accomplished much of the state and nation-wide relevance:

  • Creating indicators and evidences for identifying culturally relevant teaching.
  • Embedding indicators and evidences into Learning Sciences International’s iObservation Software Platform for use statewide and nationally.
  • Trained district staff, school administrators, and teachers to teach and evaluate using a culturally responsive approach.

Materials and resources from this work include:

  • Publication: Culture in the Classroom®: Indicators and Evidences for Evaluating Culturally Proficient Teaching (available on
  • Publication: Guide to Evaluating Teaching for Cultural Proficiency ongoing